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Who are we ?

Pathil is an organisation offering cultural experiences in India, for travelers from across the globe. Founded in the year 2015 to create the right awareness of the Indian Heritage & Culture, we specialize in curating experiences suiting the likes of every traveler. We host events  that could be anything ranging from a heritage walk, cultural tour, cycling tour or even a food walk! We also conduct Inter – Cultural Trainings for expats & foreigners who stay in India for a longer duration.














What We Do

Experiential Heritage Walks

The best way to explore a city is to stroll through its early settlements and experience the life of the locals through their history, culture, houses, food, and craftsmanship.
Take a Walk or a Tour with our Experts like Historians, Indologists & Archaeologists.

Unique Nature Trails

Every place has its own diverse ecosystem that represents its natural elements and surroundings. Go on a Nature Trail with our Experts like Botanists, Ornithologists, Ecologists, Zoologists and appreciate our Natural Heritage.


Inter Cultural Trainings

A large number of MNC’s host their foreign employees, vendors, clients in India. A lack of cultural sensitivity can lead to lost business, failed assignment, staff attrition, poor client relationships. We empower these corporates with inter cultural trainings, ultimately making their stay comfortable. This can also be done for institutions for their foreign exchange students.


Exclusive Heritage Tours

There are many Heritage cities in India – each having their characteristic architecture, monuments, art, culture, traditions and food. Explore these with our experts in Heritage Studies and Indologists for a complete and authentic understanding of Indian Heritage. We offer guided tours like “The Buddhist Cave Circuit”, “Explore Ellora”, “Chalukyan art of Karnataka” and many more.

Glamping & Adventure Setups

We help resorts and developers to generate footfall on their locations by turning them into destinations. This is done by installing adventure activities to indulge through the day and luxurious camping or glamping facilities for an overnight experience.

Corporate Team Building Programs

Outbound Training is a training method for enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning. We work with corporates across industries and across levels for team building activities, conflict management, HR interventions, leadership skills, and much more.


Bespoke Workshops

We have an array of options designed especially for students, schools & educational institutions to inculcate the values of conserving our surroundings. These are creative workshops involving artists & experts and can be arranged for corporates & adults as well. Some of our workshops include Killa making, Young Archaeologists club, Life skills etc.

Museum Research & Development

With a team of Museologists, Architects, Space Designers, Design Consultants & Experts we Design new Museums, Revamp the existing ones & Create Aesthetic, Didactic & Interactive Experience Centers.



Why Choose Us



All the activities are guided by experts from the respective fields, like History, Archaeology, Indology, Fort Architecture, Temple Art & Architecture, Botanists, Zoologists, Bird Experts, Adventure Experts etc.

Safety First


We believe that the safety of our participants is of utmost priority. Thus, all our camp facilitators & adventure activity experts are certified with First Aid Courses recommended by the District Sports Authority. All the locations of our activities are thoroughly checked with respect to all foreseen incidences and due care is taken.

Personal Attention


During our activities or Kids Camps, we make sure that quality is preferred over quantity and the adult child ratio is maintained at 1:5. We do not overcrowd our batches under any circumstances.

Female Facilitators


Each activity consists of at least 2 female volunteers / facilitators.




Akhanda Bharat – Stories of a Greater India is a podcast in Marathi and English languages. This show takes you on a journey to a misknown land, of which, what’s left today is called – India. The episodic format brings to life stories from the Vedic period while analyzing its history and the origin of many myths. Akhanda Bharat is a production and part of the Deccan Tales network, co – created by Pathil Heritage and hosted by its Director Saniya Mane.



Saniya Mane, Co-Founder and Director, Pathil

Academic Background:
  • B.Sc. Statistics
  • M.A. Indology
  • Certificate course in ‘Modi’ script
  • Certificate course in Vedic Mythology
  • Read 6 research papers at national & International conferences, 3 are published.
  • Authored several articles on Heritage & Culture
  • Invitee speaker at Dept. of Management, IISC Bangalore.
Area of Specialisation: Pune & surrounding Heritage, Heritage Management

Mr. Samrat Salve

Academic Background:
  • B.Sc. Zoology
  • Fellow of College For Potential Excellence recommended by UGC, 2012-2014
  • 3 Papers Published in National Conference of Biodiversity & Zoosprint Magazine
  • Worked with Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh on Birds of Madhya Pradesh with special concern to survey of Forest Owlet.
Area of Specialization: Birds of Grasslands and Wetlands.

Dr. Rahul Deshpande

Academic Background:
  • Pediatric Dentist
  • Author, Poet
  • M.A. Indology
  • Read 16 research papers at national & international conferences, 6 are published.
  • Recipient of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai Scholarship
  • Invitee speaker at the prestigious Ananthacharya Institute, Mumbai
Area of Specialization: Science & Philosophy behind sculptures, particularly Ellora & Alandi.

Mr. Anand Kanitkar

Academic Background:
  • M.A. Indology
  • Master of Cultural Landscapes
  • Worked with UNESCO World Heritage Center, Paris
  • Worked with UNESCO offices in New Delhi & Kabul
  • Presented several research papers at national & international conferences
  • Teaches Art History and Heritage Management for M.A. in Archaeology, University of Mumbai
Area of Specialization: Heritage Management and Buddhist rock-cut architecture

Ms. Sharvari Barve

Academic Background:
  • B.Sc. Botany
  • Landscape Designer
  • PG Diploma in Ecological Restoration
  • Edited & Co-authored Botany based Field Guides
Area of Specialization: Flowers of Sahyadris & Trees of Pune

Mr. Mihir Dudhat

Academic Background:
  • B.Com
  • Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice
  • Facilitated over 200 corporate outbound training programs
Area of Specialization: Team building programs, conflict management, leadership training.

Our Team


Saniya Mane

Photo to update- Arjun Deshmukh

Arjun Deshmukh


Manisha Rajebhosale

Akshay Pawale


Vijay Rajebhosale

Rajashri Pawar

Nipun Kadurkar

Vrushali Potdar

Our Clients



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